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Cleaning supplies are provided by us, except vacuum, mop, bucket or step stool (unless requested). We do laundry and wash dishes, in case there is a washing machine and drier on site.
We charge extra for the cleaning of interior windows,
We also demand the source of running water and electricity on the site.

If you are not happy with our completed cleaning job, you can request a reclean within 48 hours the original cleaning was done. You can request a reclean by email or by phone. Reclean is free unless you require other services, which were not included in the original cleaning service. Also, reclean is meant for the problem areas not for the full cleaning.
Please note that if a client is present during the clean, it is the client’s responsibility to let the cleaner know whether there are issues before they leave.

Safety is our priority. Our cleaners are well equipped, trained, professional and honest. For the sake of both parties, before starting the cleaning service, we ask you to:

“• Let us know about pets. If you think your pet becomes anxious in the presence of our cleaners, please make a temporary arrangement while we are cleaning your house.”

“• Make sure all the valuable items are safe.”
“• Notify us and the cleaner about hazardous materials.”
“• Notify us and the cleaner about fragile items.”
“• Notify us about specific handling or cleaning instructions for items or surfaces that need special care.”

Also, our cleaners do not lift and move heavy items, as well as constructions leftover. Otherwise, our cleaners have the right to leave the site and not perform any cleaning service.

Any forms of inappropriate behavior or harassment towards our cleaners will cause cancellation of all services with Cleargloves.

Any information received from a customer will be private and secured, only used to fulfill cleaning service properly.

You can cancel or reschedule your service without fee 48 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning unless you will be charged $50.

We do not offer refunds. As it was stated above, we offer reclean service, if you are not satisfied with the service you received. Our company will try its best to meet your expectations.

If on the site happens any accidental damage which is caused by our cleaners, please contact us by email or by phone within 48 hours after the cleaning service is done and provide us with photo documentation and proof of ownership of the damaged item. We will contact you shortly.
Our company will try to find a way to fix the problem or reimburse the damage.

Cleargloves offer two types of service pricing: flat-rate and hourly service.
Flat-rate pricing is based on square footage and condition of the house, and recommended for the houses, less than 1000sq ft.

Hourly rate is recommended for houses more than 1000 sq. Ft and offices. For hourly rate service, the appointment must be at least two hours duration. If hourly cleaning takes less than two hours, a client will be charged for two hours service anyway. If the service takes more than the client will be charged for extra service.

If same day cleaning service is requested by the client, there will be $50 additional fee to the original prices of requested service, if there are any available cleaners that day.

If during cleaning service, there are details changed from the initial requested service by the client, or information provided prior to the service is incorrect, Cleargloves has the right to charge the client for additional service.

Cleargloves Inc. can change prices at any time without prior notice, except to the appointments which are already scheduled.

If there are any changes due to the pricing of the service you receive, we will let you know by email.

ClearGloves or the customer may terminate the service at any time for any reason. Except 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us via email at